apartments in the castle of the village of sarna holiday home in Tuscany holiday home in Casentino between Florence and Arezzo

History and Nature in Sarna

The ancient fortified small village of SARNA is set at 610 m height, in the area of Chiusi della Verna, on a hill overlooking the valley. Around the small village, some fields are still planted with cereals, forages and vegetable gardens, others are new pine- and fir-woods, on some other pieces of land systems of wooden arboriculture have been realized.

From Sarna you can enjoy a great view on the Verna and on its famous Franciscan Monastery and on the opposite side a panoramic view on the valley towards Bibbiena and Poppi. The small village, property of the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Arezzo until the end of XV century, is characterized by city walls constituted by the houses selves, by a medieval gate, by the central square where the church dedicated to the Saints martyrs Flora and Lucilla overlook and the ancient Abbot’s Palace whose size dominates the whole small village.
An outline of the history of Sarna.
It seems that the name SARNA means “among the waters”, with a probable reference to the 2 close torrents (Corsalone and Rassina) and to the various sources nearby. The name also reminds the word “Arno”, and it could be a metathesis of “Rasna”, the name Etruscans gave themselves.
A Roman road passed through Sarna: the Via Abaversa. Already before the year 1000 Sarna was, together with Vezzano, Chitignano and Compito, one of the four “Corti” of the land of Chiusi in the Casentino. (The Corti were half self-governing territories belonging to a county).
Already in the XII century Sarna belonged to the Abbey of Arezzo of the Saints Flora and Lucilla, which had lots of properties in Arezzo, in its suburbs and in the Casentino. In 1298 the abbot Guglielmo gave as a fief the small village of Sarna, except of the Abbot’s Palace, to Orlando di Salinguerra, who came from Monte Santa Maria in Val Tiberina and who probably was part of the Family of the Marquises of Monte Santa Maria. In 1357 Sarna was attacked and sacked by Marco Tarlati’s bands, Lord of Bibbiena. In 1360 the Florentine Republic overcame the Tarlati and let Sarna, Bibbiena and other castles of the Casentino, come again under its control.
The small fortified village remained a property of the monks of the Abbey of Arezzo until the end of the XV century and many times the abbot took refuge here with his monks when the plague spread in Arezzo. In 1436 the abbot Antonio da Prato restored the grungy ancient gate and the city walls.

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